Hi My Friend, my name is Dee Smith.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading the information I am providing.

I will be providing you some good FREE information regarding how I make some extra money online and how you can too.

A little background info, I work a full time job consulting. I love the work that I do, helping others!

My college friend, Ced told me back in 2009 that I needed to look into making money online. The concept had not crossed my mind at all, so I asked him HOW?

He went on to tell me to write a book and publish it on Amazon. So I did, and yes I made some money and yes I still receive income from those books I published years ago. That is truly residual income.

However, from those books I did not make the type of money I started seeing others making online, so I joined other groups. Then I learned about selling arbitrage on Amazon. Oh my GOSH! Within the first month I made $500. That was unbelievable to me. I said, all I need to do is scale.

If you know anything about arbitrage it can get time consuming, so then I needed to find a more efficient method since I am a mom, at that time of two and had a full time job and a mom who was in and out of the hospital. So I hired a VA and started on the path of online arbitrage. Yippee!

Life changes, I was pregnant with my third and baby has some health complications, so I needed another less time intensive solution… Private Label, no more buy box fighting, no more store shopping, more control over price…

Private label here I come, success here I come, my own BRAND (just like Nike “Just Do It”). Easy four figures every week, some months five figures, all as a side income to my six figure day job, all part time. Life is good!

I must say, I have had to learn quite bit to build up my Brands on Amazon and now expanding to Shopify and back to eBay. Now that I have the skills to market my products online, I need to diversify, right?

Now in addition to my Amazon products, I am generating income with affiliate marketing, and client consulting.

But my passion is helping others, this is why I have this blog, Untraditional Income. My friend Ced told me when I first purchased this domain, Untraditional income does not mean anything.

But to me…

Making money online is….


Follow me, let me show you how, you too can make a little extra change on the side…

Thanks for Reading

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